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Character & Object Design

3-pt. Turnaround: Elderly Woman

Character & Object Design

Objects: Elder Woman (Daily Use)

Disney Version: Self & Another

3-pt. Turnaround: Monkey Pilot

Objects: Monkey Pilot (Military Items)

Iconic Pose: Monkey Pilot

Monkey Pilot: Cast Members

Character Interaction: Monkey Pilot

Imaginary Character

Objects: Personal Daily Item

Character Interaction: Looney Tunes

3-pt. Turnaround: Self-Portrait

Drawing Description: Dr. Machina

Objects: Most Memorable Child Toy

3-pt. Turnaround: Modern Dorothy

3-pt. Turnaround: Modern Toto


Gender-Cross: Prom Night

Objects: Imaginary Character's Magical Items

3-pt. Turnaround: Imaginary Character

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